What on Earth is this blog about?

Hey there, my name is Kristina.

Originally from Alberta, Canada I moved to Toronto in August 2015 to pursue my MA at the University of Toronto. Much to the chagrin of my (overwhelmingly supportive) Alberta family and friends, Toronto has grown on me, and here I still am two and a half years later. Living here has included a whirlwind of adventures. I’ve gained-and continued to gain- some pretty wild stories from the experience, and I plan to share them here.

I decided to create this blog not only to share my personal experiences, but also to share stories that other people can relate to. This blog is for people who want to hear my (funny and weird) stories; this blog is for people who don’t want to feel alone in new (and sometimes testing) situations; and lastly, this blog is for my friends and family, who may (or may not) want to know what I’m up to in The Six.

All photographs are mine, unless otherwise credited.